Saturday , February 27 2021

Worth Following Life Principles of Hakeem Saeed


A true scholar, writer, intellectual, innovator, entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed is alive as an amazing person of diverse abilities in memories of Pakistan even years after his tragic murder in 1998.

Allah Almighty had bestowed him with great quality of dealing with people in a distinguished way. People in his social circle used to agree with him even in the case of disagreement. It was all due to his charismatic personality and visionary leadership.

He had an amazing attribute to recognize people withing short time span.
He unleashed few golden principles of an affluent life out of his inspired observation.

People who used to change their workplaces frequently are usually less trustworthy and sincere.

He never wasted any moment of his triumphant life. He had publishes several books for kids, manufactured a soothing drink Ruh Afza, used to make medicines for certain diseases, wrote around 1 lac letters in his entire life.

Third greatest trait of Hakeem Saeed was coordination and socializing with people. Whenever he went anywhere, used to write names of his patients belonged to that specific area, holding prescription of almost all major diseases with him, used to visit few patients before attending any event.

He usually observed fast off and on. He never acknowledged tea or soft drinks as a healthy snack in fact he considered them harmful for health. He was against extravagance and show off.

Hakim Saeed received many National Awards and was recognized globally. He was awarded Nishan-e-Imtiaz (highest civilian award of Pakistan) awarded by Govt. of Pakistan in 2000, Sitara-e-Imtiaz by Govt. of Pakistan in 1966, Islamic Medicine Award, Kuwait Foundation for the advancement of Science Kuwait 1982, Sadiq Dost Award from people of Bahawalpur (Pakistan), Certificate of Merit from Institute of History of Science and Technology, Istanbul Technical University 1981 and also recognized for successfully getting World Health Organization to accept eastern medicine as an alternative form of healing.

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