Saturday , February 27 2021

Why Socrates Took Poison?

اردو میں پڑھیں

An ancient thinker of Greek, with malformed and horrifying features, but tremendously exceptional in sagacity and wisdom. Occupied his father’s profession in early age. Joined the army, got discrimination in bravery and brutality. Always study the philosophy. He was known for truth and humble thinking. He used to meet all poor and rich sectors in society. He used to show lack of interest and knowledge about subjects he wanted to discuss with others. Even though he would showcase the subject about this matter. This is called Socrates’ method of discussion.

He believed that all the people would look good. Socrates claimed that he obey God and get guidance from within him. Power taught him everything. He considered the survival of the soul. He was against idols. In 399 BC, when he was 72 years of age, opponents claimed that his beliefs are against the public and he refuse to recognize government gods and move the young generation of the city to destruction and misguided. The court sentenced him to poison. Poisoning was the capital punishment in that era. He mentioned a very important speech in front of the court which is quoted here:

O people who live in Athens! I respect you with heart, but instead I consider God’s obedience better Than the obedience to you. And as long as I am inclined to seek the truth, I seek refuge in you. No one in the world who could prevent me from being afraid and prevented me from telling the truth. I would like to choose death over surrendering before blatant lies.

After this, Socrates, respecting the laws of the country, drinks the poisonous drink and sacrificed his soul. He drank poison with great dedication but did not accept defeat before falsehood. Athens regretted after burial of Socrates and boycotted the people who accused Socrates.

اردو میں پڑھیں

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