Saturday , February 27 2021

Secrets to Gain Optimal Health

Follow these principles to stay healthy:


  • If you want your brain to function accurately, take 8 hour sound sleep.
  • If you desire well being of your stomach, avoid cold intakes.
  • Keep yourself away from fast food to keep your liver in good health condition.
  • Urinate before going to bed for best health of your kidneys.
  • Use onions to maintain health of your bladder.
  • Use lemon to prevent appendix.
  • Black pepper is highly beneficial to prevent sore throat.
  • Abstain from smoking in case you want to prevent lungs disease.
  • Use mint for respiratory benefits.
  • Keep yourself restricted while using salt for better health condition of heart.
  • Massage your feet before sleep, it would surely be advantageous for your eyes.


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