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Astrology Dooms. Ultimate Change in Horoscope of Zodiac Signs’ Believers, Says NASA

اردو میں پڑھیں

US Agency of space sciences enlightens that it has not announced any thirteenth zodiac sign and it also forewarns that a huge gap of 30 days has been noticed in the dates of horoscopes. NASA further clarifies that no 13th zodiac sign is discovered yet, in fact in space place website of NASA it has been told that Astrology doesn’t belong to Astronomy. it is stated in this website that Astrologists might have divided horoscopes in 13 sections instead of 12, if there would be a connection between Astrology and Science, so that they might reckon more accurately.

Many other dedicated organizations of space research have indicated the blunders made by Astrologists repeatedly. Moreover, these institutes have unleashed the truth that the fact and figures on which base Astrologists tell us about our horoscope, are almost 3000 years old and out-dated. in this time span of 3000 years, the change is evident in the position of stars and this difference is growing on by the ratio of 20 minutes 22 seconds yearly.

People don’t go outside without reading their daily horoscope.

for instance, lets talk about the star Capricorn, according to Astrology, it’s time span begins from December 22 to January 20, it shows that people who born in these days belong to Capricorn. Contrary to this, as per circumspect estimate, it is believe that today sun shines through Capricorn from January 20 to February 16.

latest dates of Zodiac Signs are as follows:

  • Aquarius’ duration is from February 16 to March 11 instead of January 21 to February 19.
  • Pisces’ period is from 11 March to 18 April instead of 20 February to 20 March.
  • The term of Aries falls between April 18 to May 13 in place of March 21 to April 20.
  • Gemini falls between the dates of June 21 to July 20, before this it was consider between May 22 to June 21.
  • Cancer’s duration is from July 20 to August 10 in lieu of June 22 to July 23.
  • The latest time period of Leo runs between August 10 to September 16 in place of July 24 to August 23.
  • Duration of Virgo is between the dates of September 16 to October 13 in lieu of August 24 to September 23.
  • Libra falls between October 30 to November 23 instead of September 24 to October 23.
  • Scorpio’s duration is from November 23 to December 17 instead of October 24 to November 22.
  • Sagittarius remains from December 17 to January 20 in lieu of November 23 to December 21.


The time of entrance of Sun in either Astrological sign is running back with the ratio of 20 minutes 22 seconds per annum. It shows that in next 71 years the dates of horoscope are going to change again.

Astronomy and Astrology are two entirely different fields but majority of us consider them alike. The devastating aspect of this story is that not only in Pakistan but in all over the world people don’t go outside without reading their daily horoscope.

Astronomy is a scientific field in which heavenly bodies i.e. Stars, Planets, Galaxies  are been studied. Contrary to this, the Astrologists make the horoscope after examining the moments of stars. Interestingly, this so-called Astrology is common enemy of our religion and the material world. Islam strongly condemns the knowledge of unknown or unseen, so the Astronomy does. Astronomy also condemns it in a strong way.

Mr. Shamim Akhter from Pakistan has launched his book few years back, by the name of “Astrology, A Fact or Fiction” in Urdu language. Readers can correct their misapprehensions by reading this book.

اردو میں پڑھیں

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